Who we are?

What are you waiting for? Let's put on a show!

We offer a one-stop shop for events, facilitating full event management services. We provide our own rides and giant attractions, cutting out any middlemen, saving you time and money.

Our History

EST. 2020

EC Events had humble beginnings way back in 1865 when Sam Crow started out with a hand-turned galloping horse ride. He travelled across North Yorkshire and Teesside with the ride relying on 14 horses to transport it. 

His son Sam Crow Jnr took over the business in 1901 when his father was killed by one of his horses age 50 at Darlington Market Place Fair. Sam Jnr decided to have the ride converted to be steam-driven and added cranks to make the galloping horses go up and down like the traditional carousels we know and love today. 

Sam Jnr settled down at Seaton Carew seafront for a while before the first world war broke out. There he operated his carousel and also purchased a set of swinging chairs from Germany, only the second set to appear in the UK!

Sam Crow Jnr went on to have five children, who went on to become partners in the business expanding with more rides to become the largest fairground operators in the North!

Eventually, William Crow took over the business in the 1970s. His 3 sons each branched out on their own in the 1980s to put their own spin on the original family business. Alan Crow Snr, Williams’ second-born son, expanded the business worldwide with his attractions and the help of his four sons.

The first trip abroad was to Cyprus in the early 90s, later progressing to Dubai in the middle east and then on to Hong Kong. They continued to travel across the globe, all over the far east including China, Malaysia and Thailand then across the Middle East and various countries in Europe.

This brings us to today’s generation of the Crows! Alan’s sons have expanded the business with large roller coasters, giant observation wheels and thrill rides, touring festivals and events in Europe, UK and the Middle East. Whilst they still organise and operate traditional fairs along with providing all kinds of rides, they have driven the business forward into the modern era. Christmas markets, music festivals, beach-themed events, pop up theme parks and stand-alone attractions in tourist hotspots just to name a few! Today the Crow family are one of the UK’s leading events and attractions specialists now with over 150 years of experience in the business.

Our Values

  • We love facing new challenges. When faced with a hurdle, we jump.

  • We constantly push ourselves, focusing on solutions and striving every day to make an impact.

  • As a family business, we have strong moral compasses and hold ourselves to a high level of ethics.

  • We always put the customer first, working to your specs, communicating transparently and acting with integrity.

The Team

Elliot Crow

Managing Director

Elliot joined the family business in 2007, operating & maintaining rides before moving on to organise events both in the U.K. and internationally.

Learning on the job from a young age has given him a wealth of knowledge and experience of the rides’ operations and mechanics , logistics, event planning and health & safety procedures. 

Due to the pandemic, Elliot has adapted the business seamlessly to restrictions, working closely with local authorities to produce a number of successful Covid safe events.

Tiffany Crow

Creative Director

Tiffany is also from a long line of show-person heritage - she is the 6th generation to carry on the family business. 

She joined her family business in 2000 helping run the catering stalls, amusement arcades & game stalls before branching out into event catering. 

Tiffany joined the Crow family business in 2017, where she began operating the rides & helping to organise events.

She has gone on to full event planning, on-site liaison, administration & health & safety assessment.

Joseph Layton

Rides & Site Manager

Joseph has been working for the family business for 24 years. He has experience operating and maintaining every ride owned by the company. 

He has travelled all over the world, managing a variety of rides. Most recently, he managed an attraction in Saudi Arabia and has an abundance of experience and knowledge of the events industry.